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The Beatles ''LOVE'' album review

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The Beatles ''LOVE'' album review Empty The Beatles ''LOVE'' album review

Post by Armageddon on Sun Aug 23, 2009 12:35 pm

Last night my Mom and Dad held a party where they invited all their friends over, and one of them is a Dentist that has been in music since the 60's and since the 60's been a dedicated Beatles fan. His Beatles Room is filled with stacks and stacks of Beatles books, music, records, DVDs, and Beatle posters, and last night, since he knew i liked the beatles too, he brought over the final beatles album ''LOVE'', and i burned it onto my computer, put on my ipod, listened to it, and was so amazed by it i have to write this review! But first i shall answer questions i know you kids will ask :p

Q. Wait, i thought Let It Be was the last album they made!
A. it was the last album they made before they broke up, this one was made in the 2000's
Q. but 2 are dead, how could they make another album!
A. George Martin, the producer of the beatles, put it togethor old songs and remastered them.
Q.Who are the beatles?
A. go back in your cave :p

Now for the review:

The beginning of LOVE starts with bird sounds from Across The universe and turns into the song Because, then after that song plays it fades out then suddenly the beginning of A Hard Days Night suddenly bursts out, and from there the awesomeness begins. All the songs in the album are connected with transitions, and are remastered. My dads friend told me they used First Generation tapes, or in other words, the first recordings, so they are clear and have a better sound to them. All the songs are mixed so if you listen carefully you hear a mix of songs, and all have new sounds to them. Its like listening to a new set of awesome beatles music, and the whole time you should feel goosebumps i like did Very Happy

Overall this album rocks my socks! The suriving Beatles raved it and was amazed on how awesome it is, and i am not surprised why! If you dont own this album and have never heard it before, YOU SHOULD.

Overall Rating- 1000/1000 A+++++++ Cool
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The Beatles ''LOVE'' album review Empty Re: The Beatles ''LOVE'' album review

Post by ponycrazy12 on Mon Oct 03, 2011 4:17 am

I borrowed this from gran (I bet she's never listened to it lol) and I like it. It was remixed by George Martin and his son, Giles.
It's obviously been done really well but I've always been a bit iffy about it because the only Beatles album I have is Rubber Soul. I havent heard most of the brilliant tracks it has on there in original form yet Annoyed.
However, it's all good as I said (I particularly like the Drive My Car/The Word/What You Doing remix Smile) but Giles Martin said that when they were redoing While My Guitar Gently Weeps it felt like they were painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa. I think they have, it's the only remix I dont like on the album.
So, I think it's a great album to listen to if you've listened to The Beatles oh so many times before but maybe not if you haven't, because you might not be able to fully appreciate the brilliant stuff they've done. It truly is hearing The Beatles like you've never heard them before Very Happy.
Oh and I love how the backup vocals and seperate instruments are so much clearer with the remaster Smile
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