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Selfish Idiot Of 2008

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Selfish Idiot Of 2008

Post by Armageddon on Sun Dec 21, 2008 12:09 am

This is my first post! yay! sorry Sg about annoying you with questions about it lol.
Did you know that a lady who was saved from a car crash by her coworker pulling her from her car is SUING the coworker for having her paralyzed. It was the crash that Paralyzed her NOT her coworker who SAVED HER. this lady lost the law suit.Good thing to. I dub her "Selfish Idiot of 2008". The award for this infamous honor is a slap-silly with a fish contest. First one to knock her out with ONE slap with the fish (an alaskan trout to be exact) wins. Buttt thats my own imagination. Thats how i feel about it. My own opinion. THIS is what our world has become.
TRT 'Python'
TRT 'Python'

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Re: Selfish Idiot Of 2008

Post by -Lynx__ on Sun Dec 21, 2008 5:59 am

lol, meanie old lady -.-''. and i agree that this is our world now. people are very greedy and ungrateful, they only think of themselves. they never thought of others. lets all not be like the old lady....

and btw,

*knocks out lady with a slap using an alasken trout fish*

tyvm XD
Child Prodigy
Child Prodigy

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Re: Selfish Idiot Of 2008

Post by Bananaman on Sun Dec 21, 2008 9:28 am

Cool, you want to hear another two, Well no.1 A burglar was trying to break into a mans house, He was on the Glass ceiling cutting away at it. The man that night had left out a butchers knife, the burglar fell in landed on the knife and chopped off one of his fingers. Youch!! no.2 A parachuter was out of control, and landed on a man's Glass porch. He smashed through And got cut pretty bad (as you can imagine) He sued the guy who owned the porch, for having it in the place where he fell! Neither of these guys one the case.
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Re: Selfish Idiot Of 2008

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